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Virtual HES Students will come to Huxford Elementary on August 17th from 3-6 pm to pick up Chromebooks, usernames and passwords for Schools PLP, sign technology agreement, and pick up Virtual Student Orientation Packet. 

August 18th: HES virtual students begin lessons

Virtual student engagement will be monitored once a day at HES by the following staff:

K, 1st, 2nd grade virtual students--Mrs. Murray, Guidance Counselor 

3rd, 4th, 5th grade virtual students--Mrs. Ikner, Media Specialist 

6th grade virtual students-- Mrs. Fuqua, Principal

If questions and problems arise with Schools PLP, these are the contacts for your virtual learner. 

It is CRITICAL virtual student families have reliable internet access at their home. 

As of last Friday, FrontierNet is giving new customers a 2-4 week timeline for internet installations. 

After August 14th, no traditional students are allowed to enroll in virtual school. 

After August 21st, no virtual students are allowed to return to traditional school. 

Virtual students are allowed one time to come back to traditional school. 

There will not be swapping in and out throughout the school year.  This creates confusion for staff, students and parents. 

Of course, these timelines and guidelines will be waived if we have a mandatory COVID closure from the Alabama Department of Health. 

Leah A. Fuqua, Principal

Huxford Elementary School
251.236.0353 cell
251.294.5475 school
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